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11:30 am – 8:00 pm


  • SPICY CAESAR (vodka, clamato, seasonings)
  • SCREWDRIVER (vodka, oj)
  • VODKA CRAN (vodka, cranberry juice)
  • RUM AND COKE (spiced, dark, white)
  • RYE AND GINGER (crown and Canada dry)
  • GIN AND TONIC (beefeater or bombay sapphire)
  • SCOTCH AND SODA (glenfiddich, club soda)
  • TEQUILA SUNRISE (tequila, oj, grenadine)
  • SEABREEZE (vodka, cranberry, oj, club soda)
  • WHITE RUSSIAN (vodka, kahlua, milk)
  • WHITE WINE SPRITZER (pinot grigio, club soda)